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Save Money with Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Few things are more important to a successful business than the structural integrity of the building it inhabits. While there are many things to consider in a complete building maintenance plan, few things are more important to structural integrity than roofing. A failing, leaky roof can greatly compromise any business operation, posing a threat not only to inventory, but also to the safety of employees. Significantly higher energy costs can also result from a subpar roof, adding thousands of dollars to the cost of business operations.

Far too often, the problems listed above go neglected, addressed only when catastrophe strikes. High replacement costs and the potential downtime major roofing repairs cause often prevent businesses from being proactive. Additionally, many traditional methods of roof repair and replacement fail to address energy costs. Thankfully, a cost-effective solution that addresses both structural integrity and energy costs is now available: Elastomeric Roof Coatings.

Liquid-applied Elastomeric Roof Coatings provide a method of roof repair superior to other alternatives. Absolutely NO TEAROFF is required! Instead, your old roof becomes a substrate for a liquid applied polymer membrane that fills all seams and crevices, providing maximum protection against leaks. The white finish of the coating reflects the sun, saving you thousands of dollars in energy costs and qualifies you to take advantage of environmental tax credits. The application process is completed much quicker and costs much less than other methods of repair. Once applied, the surface can be warrantied for a period of up to ten years.

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